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Late days of February, we (the good people of Bauchi-North) witnessed an unknown democracy where the will of the people was breached and defeated under Gov-Abubakar’s watch. It’s sad to say that, APC of Bauchi State turns to a prophet of woe!

From poor governance, under performances, corruption allegations, contract inflations, unfulfilled promises, crippled leadership; It’s evident enough to say that Abubakar lacks the needful qualities of a good Politician in a democratic society.

“The first principle of unalienable rights recognises that everyone is naturally endowed by their Creator with certain rights that cannot be infringed or given away. Amongst these rights are: life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

In order to secure or safeguard these vital rights, “…..government are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from consent of the governed”. Constitutions are also made for the purpose of securing, protecting, promoting good governance, accountability and welfare of all citizens -the governed. The governments instituted among men are the elected representatives who are also known as the politicians. These politicians are required to implement social reforms and policy measures that contribute to the general welfare of the populace”. But alas, the rights of the populace a-blazed while the constitution a-breached!

Crippled-Abubakar and some of the APCs, who mastered the art of raping people’s mandate (case study of Bauchi-North Senatorial elections) set us in a cage of a gun-powder, thereby combating all situations to their advantage in the name of opposition! He abused the privileges of influencing public policy and decision making in government.

True leaders are the concentrated voices of the people that make all efforts to improve their constituencies and peoples’ welfare irrespective of their party affiliation. Good and dependable politicians are delight to serve the people and consider themselves as servants and people their paymasters. They represent the hopes, aspirations and the interests of every citizen in the state.

Now that Gov-Abubakar owns little or no qualities needed to govern the good people of Bauchi state, he started shivering like a sick goat in a middle of a river through proxy-politics and fake friendship in order to regain power. It’s a known fact that, Abubakar was a party to what transpired early twenties of February 2019, which led to a blurry victory (stolen mandate) of Hon. Farouk Mustapha as the mandate and hope of the people.

Our challenges are equal, and many! But credible people wouldn’t want to join issues with him, because he lacks the integrity and technical skills to handle those challenging assignments, fiscal matters, policies, plans, projects, ideas and initiative solutions to problems.

Gov-Abubakar should know that Bauchi state is more than his myopic thought about governance, and his selfish interest. It is for the people! The people will decide and place their mandate where it’s due come 9th. March.

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