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Nigerians react to factory worker Ade Goodchild’s £71m lottery win

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A British man, Ade Goodchild, 58, who is the winner of the EuroMillions jackpot of £71m, has attracted the attention of Nigerians on Twitter.

Goodchild, a factory worker from Hereford, has become one of Britain’s biggest ever lottery winner and his name has made Nigerians wonder if he has Nigerian roots.

Reacting to his win, Goodchild said, “I’m not one of these winners who is going to say this win won’t change me.

“It bloody well will, or at least I’ll give it a damn good go. There’ll be no more shift work for me.

“I want to travel, find myself a lovely new home, go to top sporting events, and try many other things besides.”

He said he had an urge to check his ticket on Saturday, instead of waiting for Monday as usual, and did not realise he had won the jackpot at first when he scanned his ticket on the National Lottery App, reports UK Telegraph.

“It gave me the winning ‘ping’ sound and I thought I might have won a fiver or something,” he said.

“But when I checked I thought to hang on, it looks like I’ve won £71,000.

“I put my glasses on to double check and then spotted that it was the jackpot prize and that all my numbers were circled. I thought wow, a lot of people have shared the jackpot this week but fair play. Then I read the prize amount again and realised that it was actually £71 million and just one winner -me.

“It was then that I called my Mum and Dad. Their reaction was one of complete shock — I still don’t think it’s sunk in for them.”

The winning prize – £71,057,439 – is the 15th highest in British lottery history.

See Nigerians’ reactions on Twitter:

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