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Your Home Could be in a Stranger’s House – Olubisi

by easyclick
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Have you ever ask yourself if where you live is a home or a house?

It is a home if after a stressful period you come back to meet a family who are not just family because you bear the same name but because you all share the same mind and love, when you cheerfully tell your colleagues at work that you’re closing because of the gist, laughter, gossip and warmly welcome that you know await you at your destination .
It is a home when you find the car in front of your car as delay, and you feel there should be a remote control for traffic light so that you could press and change it to green for quick movement, it is a home when your mouth is watering already because of delicious meal you know await you.
It is a home when you burst into laughter unconsciously while reminiscing about previous gist and potential gist that will happen at the end of an hectic day.

It is a home when you could remember their names one after the other while dragging the steering of your car and imagine when you are preoccupied with the totality of the positive experience and stress relieving conversation that will occur as you prepare to call it a day
I tell you it is indeed a home when you believe in one another and sincerely communicate together.
However, if the case is otherwise it becomes a house, it is a house when you feel reluctant to close from work, why? Because office seems better compare to where you live, it is a house if having closed from work your mind is still preoccupy with your experience at work, instead of sweet experience you are sure awaits you where you’re going.
It is nothing but a house when the only reason you are there is to have a place to lay your head at night, no expectations of care or warm welcome from family (spouse, parent, sibling, friend etc)

See it is just a house if all you get after a hectic day is welcome and good night without any gist or flattery talk.
It is necessary you know that it is possible for you to have your home in or outside where you live, I mean it may be in the house where you live or in another friend or neighbor’s house,
wherever you find peace, fulfilment and expect mutual Care is your home it may not be in your Father or husband’s house, it may be in a friend or pastor’s place, perhaps you find it difficult to stop visiting the place, you try to stop yourself to stop thinking about that friend, colleague or pastor but not just possible, why? Because that is where your soul have found a home.

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