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Death in Love – Olubisi

by easyclick
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_Love is sweet but ignorance defines it’s bitterness._

With a bitter look she simply confess to me “Bisi I know he’s using me but I still love him, My curiosity to be called a bride and probably a wife in a home ended me up in his house, We built the love on trust and laid the foundation on holy affection for each other right from the very first day we met.”

“He sight me for the first time and sigh in deep breath, then he kept mute but stare at me continuously, my heart beat fast, then I felt there was a connection between us, we continue to communicate heart to heart for the rest of the programme and afterward departed without a word said to each other.”

“Going back home his thoughts hijacked my heart and took over it, “Then I understood we actually commune together even without saying a word to each other.” With tears she said. “With this type of feeling I was happy, rest assured that I will soon lunch into a new life, I couldn’t be patient again to see another year, so that we could see ones more in the camp.”She further explained.

“like it was taking everlasting I felt before another year came, finally here we are in the camp, “this year will be full of testimony as I am sure God as done it” I said to myself,then I couldn’t wait to see him “where is he?” the first rhetorical question I asked myself, I was feeling thirsty and praying he just appear, finally he came to my region, Hallelujah! I shouted in my heart, though I didn’t give him face but I was happy within me.”

“Hmm he finally said something- his feelings for me right from the First day he beheld me, then I said nothing, afterward, I also had feelings for him, right from the spot we started the journey that brought me to where I am today” She said again.
“After a long period it seem it all going to end up in a home, then he explained to me, ” I use to have a wife but she’s now dead, but she left some kids behind, which you will look after for me, God bless you” I took it as fate, after all the love between us was so deep, we finally got married, then I became a pastor’s wife, very happy I was and everyone around us wish they were in kind of our relationship.”

“After some years reverse became the case, chaos and grugies at home, but I didn’t view it this way, what I always say to myself, he used his children (The children from his ex-wife) against me, eventhough he lied about having one wife, he actually had two one died and the other packed out, but I was still managing my broken heart, I believed God is involve.”

“Life became unbearable with him and I sense he was using me but because he was actually using the money to take care of me and the children, I became silence about it, year after years the home became hot and I felt he wasn’t the one I was joined with on that faithful day, A time came his children left, then later he left to meet them in a far distance, eventhough those children are now coming close to me,having realize their mistakes. For years he was there, his friends became my comforter and I reported him to church though in shame.”

“The church summoned him but he wouldn’t go, but the love between us would not make me throw him away, so more often than not, he always found his way back which I also consider normal, we would sleep like husband and wife and even have sex after a long time qurell, we actually enjoyed having sex together, I never knew I was killing myself with my silence and ignorance, people told me but I couldn’t stop seeing him as my husband.” she narrated further.

“Now this his last trip after three good years that he ran away from home seem to be bringing disaster, he came back and came to live with me in my new apartment, the apartment my well wishers got for me because I wish to vacate from his house this last time,he came back and I accepted him as usual and we had sex again, eventhough I knew nobody should no about it, in fact my mother would be mad if she should hear,but I till love him. Hmmmm Bisi It’s look like I’m dying now because I was told this last time he has come to take my life finally, i’av been diagnosed different deseaces which I develop after we met together, but I won’t call him again.” she promised, but it was too late because she died after a couple of months having spent alot of money and left the children behind.

Should one die for Love?I say no, You’ve been in existence before you met that soul mate so why must you think you can’t live without him/her again, most love comes with pain, disappointment and regret and instead of their victims to deal with it they pretend all is well, until its send them to prison of darkness or finally take their lives.

Don’t go into relationship or marriage because the next person is mocking you, know what you want and don’t go for anything less until you finally get it. Understand when love is becoming hatred and if you can’t ammend it through dialog and prayer, vacate from it lest you pay with your dear life.

Love is sweet when you’re with the right person, but becoming ignorance of its bondage can result to otherwise.

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