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The Cause is Never the Problem but Your view About it.

Viewing a challenge as a restricted experience or pain to your ends will always end up damaging your life, when your mind keep telling you that what you’re going through does not have solution or you feel nobody cares or really understand how the rod of life hit so hard on you, you’re already launching yourself into the world of depression.
This exactly is a simple analysis of how every experience in life affects an individual.
I will represent your experience as an EVENT and your reaction to it as a RESPONSE. The two I.e Event or Response may either be Negative or Positive.

Follow this closely, whenever you have a negative experience and you have a positive response or mindset toward it you end up getting a positive outcome. Here is the analysis below.

Event – E, Response – R, Negative – N, Possitve – P, Outcome – O
NE + PR = PO
PE + PR = PO
NE + NR = NO
With the analysis above you should understand by now that the cause of Depression you’re going through is not actually the problem or the challenges you’re facing but your response to it, the same occurrence that makes you look hopeless, helpless and tiring could have become a source of strength for you peradventure you were able to view it as an opportunity to learn some lessons of life

For this reason, you will see two guys who just experience a broken relationship, one because of the event committed suicide while the second continue with life and still look indifferent despite the pains the same heart has experience, the problem here is never their experience, rather it their view about it as well as their response to it.
I can practically say that there is no challenge on earth that you may be passing through that is bigger than you, that’s why you will see a cancer patient who despite his pains and hopeless report from the doctors that the disease can not be cure find it reasonable to share his/ her story with an audience trying to preach a message of hope or self confidence within the short time he has to live on earth, the audience begin to wander what could be the strength or secret of such individual, the simple secret is “Ability to respond to things positively” The same problem would have brought depression if he decided to have negative response to it.

No issue is by itself big until you give it the impression, how you conceive things in your mind determine the reality of it, which simply means whenever you’re hopeless, helpless or sad about something what you need to check or adjust is not the issue but your response toward it. You won’t be surprise that the same challenge thet put you in thought and bad condition is what the next person beside you is experiencing and yet smiles to life, what then make your own different? Your Response.

When you learn to respond positively to occurrences around you, you will discover how simple life can be. What lead to depression is simply our response toward life experience, if only we learn how to manage both negative and positive life experience well no condition would have been able to put us in terrible condition. But human inability to see certain experience as inevitable or part of life makes many to be under the bondage of depression.

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