Home Entertainment ‘Over Demanding’ Slay Queen Embarrassed In Lagos (Watch Video)

‘Over Demanding’ Slay Queen Embarrassed In Lagos (Watch Video)

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A young man gets back at a slay queen who insulted him and labelled him as ‘broke’.

According to the young man, he decided to embarrass a slay queen he previously approached to date after she insulted him because he couldn’t afford to keep sending her money and buying her stuffs.

Read what the man shared online below:

This was a girl I met in school I collected her number. When chatting with her. She told me she wanted bread I went to spur and brought not only bread for her but other things and took them to her.

Whenever she calls, she was always asking me for something. One day she called me and told me she needed recharge card and I told her I will send it but she will have to wait that I’m cashless right now, she started insulting me that I’m always broke and she doesn’t talk to broke boys.

I asked if it was an insult or what, she said yes that it was an insult, I said Ok. Then I decided to payback. I went to the hospital where she was staying

I told her to come out that I went to buy things for her, that after insulting me, I want to prove her wrong. She immediately rushed out and to her greater surprise, it was only a nylon filled with empty cans. She then left angrily

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