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I Love Her, But can’t Stop Womanizing

by Olubisi Ogunlere
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Though unbearable, but she’s getting use to it.It’s normal, we all regard it as tradition, men’s freedom in marriage, horrible experience for womanhood, but an expression of wealth and power on the part of men, “we are the Lord and the landlord of our homes.” The traditional mindset that has landed many in hell.

“The children are shattered, lost in deepest thoughts as a result of Daddy’s terrible affronted act, “when is Dad coming back?” The Everyday question the children asked, now we are getting use to it, as long as he’s playing his role as a husband and father,we are less concern about his movement, the terrible condition of my home for many years” Mr Joe narrated.

“we got married not with silver spoon, but she was kind enough to peer into the future where she discovered the interesting part of the journey, as a visionary I also tried my best to work so hard so as to be able to actualize my dreams, after many years we started to sing a new song, respect from both wife and in-laws as sweat turn to wealth.”

“What does she want if not money? The normal mentality we hijack from our African fathers, I embedded her with wealth and even open her a warehouse, where I left her with the mindset “oh he cares.” “She should appreciate and free me for ones” the mindset I also developed, then I began to act on it. As a driver of an expensive materials that I use to sell,i discover drinking of alcohol became inevitable to quench my thirst, which I never knew was a thirst of death, the taste of life was like that of honey, which I never believe could finish one day.” He stated
“I sent the children to one of the best school in our ambience, a strategy to win their heart and perhaps to secure good future for them, I became a responsible man with freedom of enjoyment, though it wasn’t pleasant to her but what else does she want ? The common question we use to put them in silence, with everything I have done including a brand new car, oh I shouldn’t be bothered.”

“I first started in secret, as a way of regarding the respect I had for her, though we were still best couple but I consider it paramount to have another taste outside there, Atleast to prove that I was rich, year after years, the journey continue, I became a champion with my name here and there, you could use my name at this time to get a loan due to my wealth, a beautiful life you will say, but never for ones beautiful, it was death trying to lure me into its snear.”
“Now death caught up with me, I became greedy with “a pastor’s wife” the pastor lived in Lagos Nigeria, while the wife reside somewhere in Ogun state where I also lived, they were day and night that shouldn’t come across each other, only God knows how they became a couple, but for her to continue in her deadly games and fetish work she needed to live far away from the gentleman. Oooh she was so sweet and caring, despite my wealth which she was aware of she would bribe me with money so that I could abandon my home to service her, nothing she couldn’t do to get me beside her, moving from honey to what I called “gudigudi” I mean more sweeter, exactly the way I felt.”

“However to really enjoy this new life I became more caring at home, now she got total use to it, no complain whatsoever, mine was to ensure the well-being of everyone including the children, you shouldn’t be surprise, she got to know and we even discuss it at home “I want to go and pass a night with her” the simple way I usually put it anytime I was going to see pastor’s wife, no fear of God you will say, yes what is God in this matter if I may ask? The the mentality I had for years until it all ends here, my children would laugh and say “Dad bye-bye, greet her for us” though no plan to marry her, but my second way of quenching my thirst of death, now my relationship with her made me free my other concubines while I enjoyed spending more time with her even more than my wife, though no fraction between us (me and my wife) but the kind of lifestyle I adopted.”

“I was warned by friends and even enemies but I wouldn’t listen. Now to my last journey on earth, on that faithful day, I left her(pastor’s wife home) home and got on the road with my alcohol and merry heart, having deliver the goods I took the second trip back home, yes I drank, but can’t really explain if I was drunk, Oooh my last breath, I lost control, faced another vehicle and I saw my spirit coming out of my body where I was laying with messed up luxury on the other lane, how i got there I can’t explain, but I noticed only the creator could arrange back my body because even my skull cut into two, Hmmmm, the end you will say, yes the end, but not really because i’av left a memory behind, whether good or bad I will always be remembered.” Mr Joe explained.

“But I’m still wondering, what could end my life so soon, my negligent, my wife’s ignorance, the God of the pastor whose wife I was enjoying or alcohol, whatever the cause may be, it has brought me to the world of dead, where I sincerely lament why I choose to live a foolish life.” Mr Joe’s story from the world of dead.

Ignorance and silence are great pill to death, she wasn’t pleased, yet choose to be silent, all I want is for him to be responsible, yes most women mentality, which has brought them tear rather than the peace they initially desire.
Now you will agree with me that wealth without salvation means poverty, though it glitters but not gold be saved today, and vacate from the wold of sin, wealth is not licence to sin or wrong decision, Note.

Don’t allow your freedom to subject you to sin and
ignorance. Rightful knowledge and godly living are the greatest wealth you can have.

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