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You wouldn’t know how much you are missing and loosing until you choose to come out of prison, you are in a big chain and even locked inside the dreaded prison in as much as you choose not to let go of certain things.

That anger is a prison, that malice is a prison, doubt, grudgies, hypocrisy, wrath, hatred to mention but few, all these are prison of life which you may presently be locked in.

Anytime you have hatred against someone you simply convert your spirit, body and soul against such an individual, may be you don’t know until your whole being become subjected to that hatred that you’ll succeed in behaving negatively against the fellow, that means what triggers the hatred in you into action is your ability to be under the tutelage of that hatred.

I often say this, “It takes a good heart to be good and of course a wicked heart to be wicked” “out of the abundant of heart mouth speaketh.” you wouldn’t know the kind of damage you are causing yourself until you choose to come out of prison.

It doesn’t mean how wealthy you are, it has nothing to do with your level of education, neither does it recognize how old you are, all I know is that any individual who choose to keep negative things for so long, such as anger, malice and hatred will continually dwell in the prison of life as long as him/her is subjected to that thing.

Are you still doubting, no wonder you nurture sickness every now and then, you wanted to express yourself but because she was there you became mute, you suddenly vacate from the ‘group because certain people are coming to join, you’re truly in prison if this are what you’ve being going through. You are actually damaging your health, relationship and so many good things you should be having by now.

Nelson Mandela, after he was released from prison, looked back straight into prison yard where he was coming from and said to himself, “If I refuse to let go of anger, hatred and bitterness of the past I will continue to be in prison.”

Truly you may not be physically in prison or in chain, but no doubt if your inner man is in captivity of any aforementioned prison, you’re a prisoner, because you become a slave of whatever you submit yourself to and what occupies your mind controls you.

Are you still going to wait till death do you part? Would that chain capture you for so long? I believe no, you can actually do it, you can come out of that prison and enjoy the full pretty of life.

Take a bold step as you say enough to your slavery, seems you are not sure, you’re actually a slave for in as much as you keep that thought, you’re indifferent compare to the mad man on the street who is under the influence of a spirits, Why? What is managing you is that anger which you have pave way for, no wonder what you like to do you can not, you’re far behind the knowledge of your real self as long as you remain in that prison.

Good news for you, after the prison comes a sunshine that brings out the beauty in you. Free yourself from it bondage and your beautiful will be seen.

Name: Olubisi ogunlere
mail: olubisiounlere@gmail.com

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