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Silent – The Danger in it 1.

by easyclick
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Quite offensive and never seem easy to say, heavy the tongue becomes to communicate and the heart ache in tears in prison of fear which has put the whole life in horror of death.

What is life when the heart is damaged, if truly it’s the spring of life, then what type of life would such be producing? Fear and suspect as there’s no one worthy of trust, even the system unintentionally react to little suspect of danger as an expression of the past experience.
I will say it perhaps at the right time.when it won’t really matter, or when I have more listening hears, or when I finally get over it, or when I have what it takes to have people listening to me or when I have more evidence to support my claim, then I will confront my oppressor and put what holds me in shame to shame, this time I won’t mind what people will say.

Truly you’re pregnant of a secret and you have the intention of letting it out one day, but do you know that no matter how genuine your claim may be, no matter how huge your preparation is, even if it takes you years to prepare what to say and how to say it, I tell you, it doesn’t make a wounded heart healed until you let out what holds the peace in captive.

You may decide to smile over it, you may consider it offensive to declare, perhaps disgraful to say in the hear of the third party, but I tell you, silent can never bring healing neither can it reverse the past to amend it, instead it will result to blame, self condemnation, doubt, fear and other fruit of set back, sadness and depression.

What you don’t know is that whatever you keep in you for a long time is like a seed that has power of birthing different type of fruit, such as malice, fear, argument, hypocracy, Doubt, bitterness,depression to mention but few. Perhaps you don’t know, the most dangerous part of it is that when all aforementioned start to spring up, consciously or unconsciously you will start reflecting them as an expression and people begin to wander what could be the cause.

At the cause of trying to protect a relationship or name, you end up having your own name damaged or totally destroyed, unknowning to you that it is as a result of what you nurture in your mind. You discover you nag without any tangible reason, or yours is to isolate yourself from every other person simply because you don’t wish to get involve in any relationship again.

What could have been fought and forget about ,Suprissingly fight you today.

Silent could truly hide some secret but it doesn’t change them from been offensive.

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