Home News Traffic robber set ablaze by a mob along the Badagry expressway in Lagos

Traffic robber set ablaze by a mob along the Badagry expressway in Lagos

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Over the weekend, a suspected traffic robber was lynched and later set ablaze by a mob along the Badagry Expressway in Lagos.

According to reports, the incident occurred under the bridge at International Trade Fair in Ojo, about the time traders were going home. It was learnt that the suspect was a member of a three-man gang that had terrorised motorists in the area.

Sources said the young man and his colleagues were earlier seen roaming the area between Trade Fair and Mike Two, which aroused the suspicion of onlookers that they could be traffic robbers. It was learnt that the suspects rode on three motorcycles, which they later parked off the road near Abule-Osun.

An eye witness narated the events saying; “people observed them there, including policemen. One of the suspects later moved quickly to the other side of the expressway and attacked a motorist.

Policemen pursued him, but he ran away. He abandoned his motorcycle around Trade Fair and fled. Because of the traffic, the policemen could not give him a chase. But they seized his motorcycle and a locally-made gun.

“Unknown to the fleeing robber, he was running to his death, as motorists, who observed what was happening from their mirrors and traders going home immediately identified him and knocked him down. They set him ablaze before the police could get to the location. The boys have made life unbearable for people using the road because of the bad portions. Traffic usually builds there, so they make it a habit to terrorise road users.

“No one saw his other accomplices. I don’t support jungle justice, but I think people are tired of waiting for the Nigerian legal system”.

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