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Your thought – The Reflection of your future 2

by easyclick
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Know what you Want and get to where you’re going.

Have you ever ask yourself this question ,”what do I want in life?”
Though it sound familiar and Ofcorse we all believe every human being who is normal, desire to be one or two things in life, then we simply conclude “We all know what we want.” without esitating.

It is true every human being tend or desire to be something in life, but the fact still remain the same, not everyone knows what they truly want in life. It is therefore paramount to know that, hope, desire, and knowledge are three different things, an individual who desire and hope for a particular thing may at the same time find it difficult to truly know or get what he/she hope for,until he’s able to identify what he really want in life.

We all hope and desire to be great, but not all of us know exactly what we want in life which should be our source of hope and desire, some hope for greatness but become helpless on what direction they should take to go about it.Why? Because they are yet to know exactly what they want in life. It is therefore wrong to hope and desire for things without knowing what our lives really stand to gain.

Keep asking yourself until you have answer to it, “what do I want in life?”

Your ability to know what you want in life can change your life completely, nothing makes life difficult than your inability to give meaning to your existence. I started to enjoy life better the moment I became conscious of what my life stand for and without little or no stress I started to live and express my ambition, which people around me sees and understand what my life is all about.

Your ability to design what you want, what you need to do to get what you want and your readiness to do what you need to do irrespective of the challenges that may come your way makes you a half successful being.

Designing what you want in life, will continually keep you on track, energize you to always give your best and even helps you to know what decision to take at every levels of life, Why? because nothing will make you launch into anything that is not in support of your future ambition.
You have no choice but to be under the control of circumstances and conditions in as much as you are yet to be sure of what your existence stand for.

Note : The more intention you become in life the more real and simple life becomes. Try it.
To be continued…


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