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Depression Part 2 – olubisi

by easyclick
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It can be sweet again.

Like a glitter of gold yesterday was, bitter and sad today seems, what then would tomorrow bring? Can it be sweet again?

It is good to hope, but what exactly does hope amount without happiness, ofcorse the major reason why we hope is to have it better than the present situation and to elevate from stagnation to a better position, if the story is then otherwise hope looses it’s value and depression hijack the mind of a common man.

What is life? For how long will this continue? What if I end it all here? Could life make more meaning in the world of the dead? or means freedom where there is no fellow man? The questions an injured heart continually ask itself. Depression is real and the best way to deal with it is to face it’s reality, more life is always the antidote to any life trouble, like the saying “when there is life there is hope.” The first thing that guarantee an end of that depression is life itself, death is never the solution and can never become one.

Having the feeling that the world of dead will guarantee you peace and ends every form of pain you’re having now simply portrays you as a carward, like I said in the first article, no challenge is by itself big until we give it the impression. You till consider it a problem because you allow it’s experience to overwhelm you as one, come out of bondage of fear. Speak it out if you must- communicate with someone, the more you keep it to yourself the more helpless and hopeless you feel, shame what shames you by disclosing its secrete.

Engage more in activities and vacate from the word of loneliness, there are till people who cares, perhaps you were ones hurt, it never the end of life, let it always ring in your mind, that some may reject you, some may not even care to notice you but someone is always waiting to receive and to give you a helping hand, you’re never alone all you need is a step further to locate that individual that truly understand.

Give chance to nothing to deprive you your peace, no matter what the situation is, never trade your happiness to depression, make no room for fear and try as much as possible to understand what makes you happy, keep doing it until you finally gain yourself back.  Listen to music, set out goal for yourself and it will help you spend time on something better rather than being all alone.

Appreciate yourself, accept yourself and believe more in yourself, every opinion people in your world may be having about you exist outside your body so they shouldn’t dictate how your system works.

Stop suffering yourself all in the name of others attitude toward you, learn to be your own friend before letting people in your world.

No challenge, neither relationship nor opinion should make you take your life, you are more than your present situation, you’re more than what an ordinary eye can see, you’re truly a world on your own, a king you are, always treat yourself as one.

It can be sweet again all you need is to believe and work toward it.

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